To everyone who shapes the world today!

It’s no secret: the world is in trouble and it’s not getting any better - technology is consuming our society, loneliness and stress are a growing epidemic, global warming is burning up our planet.

It is time to take responsibility for the world we are creating.
Time to put people before business.
Time to write a better story!

A story about places,
about people and about love.


Places are the canvas for the stories of our lives. It's the one thing we all share - the stage for meaningful moments that will become memories which make us who we are as individuals and who we become as a society.

A house becomes a place we can call home.
A school becomes a place for friendship & self-growth.
An office becomes a place for community & collaboration.

Every day we spend our precious time in places that offer a chance to celebrate life.We would like to build the most inspirational places in the world and for that we need people like you!


We are bringing together people from different backgrounds, culture & country to share experience and knowledge - to shape a world that is filled with belonging, understanding and empathy.

Our methods are fresh and inspiring.
We brake rules. We think different. We innovate.
Not for the sake of the ego, but for the sake of a healthy society.
We all agree that only our collective imagination can cure the planet.


Places are like people. Our relationships are both complex and powerful. But what binds us together is love. Places are cherished when our experiences are memorable. People shape the places and after the places shape the people.

Love as ...
that warm feeling that you are accepted for who you are,
embracing our human frailty,
having a listening ear and an open mind.

Let us write the story of collaboration and connection.
A global hub for a creative spirit to reignite our humaneness.

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