Smart Urban Villages team is pioneering a new urban housing development model across Australia to create next generation sustainable communities that are accessible without the need for a mortgage.

Our mission was to develop a strategy to defend the concept in front of potential communities, investors & governments.

The rise of co-housing          
_ Melbourne, Australia, 2017︎


How can architectural design positively impact the well-being of urban, like-minded communities to cultivate belonging and offer affordability?


To reveal the perks & quirks of communal living, I got the opportunity to live for 6 months in a co-housing community in Melbourne. Experiencing the lifestyle on a daily basis, I could collect useful insights observing people’s daily experience of communcal life, emerging conflicts, joys and challenges through conversations, interviews and workshops.


Humanity-centered-design is rooted in the idea that our collective well-being depends on the quality of care we give to each other and to our environments. To design the circumstances for people to flourish, we need to consider the following:

1. Change starts with the individual
2. Collective life alongside individual life
3. Freedom of choice for the residents and striving for maximum adaptability of our own built environment due to the unpredictable flux of climate, demographics, lifestyle, technology, etc.


An integrative approach to housing & well-being of residents & the planet. Zero-energy building & a healthy community = living building.

Change starts with the individual.

Transformative design - innovation through stepping stones towards a regenerative future.

Transform a community means starting with the individual.

Adapting our built environment for a healthy & inspiring lifestyle.

Freedom of choice and adaptability

Design should be responsive to the people’s needs, behaviors and requirements, offering them a freedom of choice and control over their physical environment.
- flexibility of space configuratio
- circulation through the building as an enjoyable experience: light and air
- working spaces for crafts, events & workshops


- Men and women share houshold work, everyone helps with cooking in cohousing. Allthough there is no obligation to take part in every occasion.
- Neighbourliness and confidence, meeting your neighbours.
- A simpler day-to-day life, with more time for family life.
- A new currency owned by the community: relationships, knowledge & education, mutual care

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