U R B A N  C O N V E N I E N C E 

“Urban Convenience is rooted on the belief that all facets of society are closely interconnected – the use of space, waste, water, energy, materials use, servies, consumption and so on.”

To achieve great quality of life, our team developed a variety of future-oriented accommodation- and life models. Expertise, innovation, drive and talent give rise to meaningful and inspiring projects. The projects demonstrate time and again that sustainability and a high level of comfort go hand in hand. The approach is always integrative: all the aspects that are so closely connected in our society are tackled in this urban development. The issues of climate change, carbon footprint, energy demand, maximum waste sorting, the responsible use of materials and the entire life cycle analysis during the whole construction process are second nature to us.

/ Leuven, 2011 - 2012
/ design development
/ www.tweewaters.be ︎

Situated in Leuven, ‘Tweewaters’ is currently the largest city‐centre development in Belgium. The former site of the InBev brewery is being redeveloped into a car‐free district with 1200 low‐energy apartments and 70% open and public spaces, in which 5000 people will be able to live and work. The development is focused on sustainability and innovation.

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