Reinventing work!

Werklab is a hub for personal and professional development. Their mission is to elevate work through a continuous focus on holistic wellness by removing what's standing in the way of making self-care a priority in personal and professional life.

Werklab had recently expanded into a second, larger space on a different floor of the building. The challenge was to recultivate the experience of Werklab and reconnect both spaces while keeping the look and feel of the brand experience and guarding the Werklab image.

A work environment of an organization is the result of the vision and mission of the leadership. By getting the know the person behind the business and understanding the depth of their vision we can create work experiences that are aligned with the needs and desires of all the people that are part of the whole. This understanding is achieved through diverse conversations, workshops and observations of the status-in-quo.

_ Vancouver, BC, 2018
_ design research ︎ ︎

Atelier Mosaic is a Vancouver based practice producing thoughtful designs. We use creativity and a diversity of expertise to address the looming global challenges. In our role as social designers we strive to support, facilitate and empower culture by creating environments that improve the quality of life. 

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