A home is,

The painting of our soul. It’s beyond what you see with your eyes.
It’s a container of emotions, stories and memories.
For some an escape, for others a playground of self-expression. 
If you could paint the inner soul of a person on canvas, it would look like their home. 
Show me how you live and I can imagine who you are.

A home is,

Your base for comfort and safety.
Some place you can set up camp, leave all your belongings, which are a reflection of who you are.
It’s where your soul resides. Something very personal.
Your vulnerability lives here.
Little clues of all your passions, fears and ambitions.
A mirror of who you are now, who you used to be and who you are yet to become.
The biography of your being.

A home,

Shapes you like nothing else does.
Where you live sets boundaries to your precious time.
Your garden as a tiny escape into nature.
Your windows decide which views you take in every morning when you are sipping at your coffee. 
Are you invited to stay home, while you reside in the oasis of your living room?
Or does something tell you to get out?
Your floors, walls and furniture will evoke your mood.
The subtle features of your house will influence the reality you call life. 

Look in your home for a personal lighthouse. 
A place where people love you, a place where you belong. 
A home is the sum of a house, the neighbourhood, the city, the country. 
The people that surround you will make you feel at home. 

A home has access to the most important things
with the least amount of effort.” - Yves Béhar

Atelier Mosaic is a Vancouver based practice producing thoughtful designs. We use creativity and a diversity of expertise to address the looming global challenges. In our role as social designers we strive to support, facilitate and empower culture by creating environments that improve the quality of life. 

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